Bug Free Home

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$95 per treatment

How we make your home bug-free

Our Low-Impact Perimeter Protection Plan keeps your home bug free by keeping pests outside- where they belong. An affordable solution which uses a minimal amount of pest control product, the service consists of only three exterior treatments per year. Better for you, your family and the environment.

We offer a Spring, Summer and Fall treatment that focuses on ants, spiders and over 40+ other home invading pests. This treatment is specific to crawling insects and wasp nests that are attached to the home.

What you get with the service

With each treatment you get a full inspection of your home and landscape. We also remove exterior spider webs from the house. If there are any issues, we will create a written report for you.

Your customer benefits

  • Your online account will allow you to manage payments and review your inspection reports and treatment history.
  • You do NOT have to sign a yearly service agreement. Our philosophy is if we do good work, customers will stay.
  • You do not have to pre-pay for service. We invoice after each service is complete. You can mail in a check or you can pay online.
Eco Friendly Perimeter Pest Control
Eco Friendly Perimeter Pest Control